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DCPA's DVD-based training program includes a beginning training series (Series I) and an advanced training series (Series II). Content is conveyed in a user-friendly, modular format and provides individuals with essential information about warning signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and neurological processes, as well as tools to provide safe and effective care to individuals with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia. Preview Series I here.

Individuals participating in Series I and/or II training can pursue AFA qualifications, which have been thoroughly reviewed and sanctioned by AFA. Successful completion of Series I leads to qualification as an AFA Qualification Dementia Care Provider, and successful completion of Series I and II leads to qualification as an AFA Qualified Dementia Care Specialist. Please note that AFA qualifications must be renewed every two years.

Nurses and social workers who participate in the DCPA DVD-based training program have the opportunity to purchase Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for an additional fee, which will be awarded upon successful completion of Series I and/or II.

Series I and II can be viewed individually or in a group setting. Each training series includes learning guides, fact sheets and a qualification test.
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